Rental Testimonials

I would like to thank you ‎for ALWAYS having replied to me when I was in need of something or having trouble at my home. It was very reassuring for me as I was coming from a foreign country. I did not understand very well american language, rules, codes and Fabien was at work and very often not available. Please thank Dave very much for me, he was very helpful.

Paul : Special thanks to you for having chosen our family to rent your house and to have welcomed us with our two big dogs two years ago.

I am very happy to have known the people and the town of Rye.

Very very warmest regards,

Tenant: Cathie

We rented a home on Midland Avenue in Rye from Paul Varsames for several years. Not only was the home well maintained, but because he has such a large presence in Rye, he has a team less than a mile away at almost all times that can quickly respond to any issues. He and his team also prepared a 'Welcome to Rye' package for us and helped introduce us to the community, as well as often stopped by to check in proactively. We had a great experience.

Tenant: Doug and Megyn, Midland Ave, Rye, NY

We rented on Cedar Place in Rye for one year. What a great home. It is beautifully designed and well constructed - in particular the kitchen and bathrooms are fantastic. While Rye is a great town with lots of amenities, the Cedar Place location is truly perfect within Rye - it is an easy walk or bike ride to town, the train, parks, even the beach. Finally, the service of the Varsames team was exceptional. They are always there to help. The property was maintained beautifully. If something in the home needed attention (and it was always a small thing) the Varsames team responded immediately. We can't imagine a better rental experience.

Tenant: Bill and Tracy, 23 Cedar Place, Rye, NY

I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for a great stay while we were renovating our primary home. The home had all we needed and more, and your team's responsiveness to any concerns we had was excellent. We had some great memories with the kids at what they will forever refer to as "the rental". But it was more than that. It was a safe and very comfortable home, backed by a full team, while we were going through the stress of construction elsewhere. We appreciate the hospitality and wont hesitate to recommend your homes to our friends.

Tenant: Matthew, 410 Midland Ave, Rye, NY

We moved into a brand new Paul Varsame's four bedroom, four bath home in April 2014, and spent two happy years there. Paul's designs are clever, the layout of the homes work extremely well to accommodate families with young children or, as in our case, teenagers, and comfortably accommodated visitors. The fittings and finishes are excellent, I loved the kitchen and bathrooms, the use of natural stone and timber floors in the living areas. An excellent team manages the properties, reacting promptly to any minor issues, as well as garden and snow maintenance crews work to keep the outside beautifully maintained. Overall, a very easy, enjoyable living experience, in a quality home.

Tenant: Pam 31 Cedar Place, Rye, NY

Sad we had to leave such a great home and a truly genuine management team. Paul and his team always went out of their way to make sure our concerns (if any) were addressed and we were happy with the home. Pleasure to provide a testimonial and Thank you Paul and team.

Tenant: Peter and Monica 410 Midland Ave, Rye, NY

We so enjoyed our time living in a Paul Varsames rental. It is very hard returning to being a home owner again! Paul and his team ensured our 3 years living away from the UK were so easy - the garden was so well maintained, snow was ploughed over those harsh winters, during Sandy when so many were without services our generator kept us warm, fed and clean. Everything in the house was new, clean and so well maintained. On the odd occasion, if there were any issues that needed attending to, the friendly service was always amazing. Thank you so much for enabling us to have a wonderful family home in Rye.

Tenant: Amelia and Alex 378 Midland Ave, Rye, NY

We loved our house at 353 Midland. It was an amazing layout, well-built and the best location possible - the memories we made there are priceless. Paul and his team were impeccable in every aspect. We couldn't have asked for a better "welcoming committee" when we moved to Rye, and will remember our experience fondly.

Tenant: Sarah and Eric 353 Midland Ave, Rye, NY

Many thanks to Paul and his team, who not only provided a lovely rental home in Rye to our family but also very professionally looked after us for almost 4 years, covering service calls from needing new light bulbs to locked doors! It's great to know your team is operating in Rye and always available. Having rented in New York, London, Madrid, and Frankfurt, you deserve Best Landlord Ever!

Tenant: Gabriella and Christoph 121 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Rye, NY

Paul, It was wonderful living in Cedar place, we are going to miss it.

Tenant: Gisela & Johan 23 Cedar Place, Rye, NY

We are thrilled to have found this amazing unit. The walkability to town as well as the train station is so incredibly convenient. There was very little inventory available when we were looking for a place to live, especially something as beautiful as this. Most rental properties in Rye are older homes so we feel very fortunate to have found something with all the latest upgrades!
In addition we feel the need to give a shout out to your jack of all trades, Dave Samaha. No problem was too big or too small for him to fix and he did everything with such a positive attitude.
thanks so much,

Tenant: Terri and Rick, 269 D Purchase Street, Rye, NY

We want to thank you for being such a great ambassador for Rye. Our transition from NYC to "the burbs" was made easy and enjoyable thanks to you. We look forward to keeping in touch and if we can ever be helpful to you , Please just say the word and stop by to check out our new place.

Tenant: Julie and Jon, 353 Midland, Rye, NY

I really enjoyed living in this beautiful apartment.

Tenant: Hirokawa, 269 Purchase Street, Rye, NY

We can't say enough tremendous things about Paul and his team. They've been unbelievable landlords to us at 269 Purchase Street. The unit is first class construction and comfort in every sense and our family has really enjoyed living here. We've never had such responsible, diligent and concerned landlords. They've been extremely responsive to all of our everyday repair requests, and took the time to help us get settled smoothly. We'd recommend the Varsames team to anyone looking for a beautiful rental with a great landlord!

Tenant: Chris and Kristan, 269 Purchase Street, Rye, NY

From the moment I met Paul Varsames and saw the building at 269 Purchase Street, I knew this was the home for SKIN NY Westchester. I am truly in love with the space and the service I get from Paul, Monique, Dave and his team is excellent... Whenever I need anything they are right there with a solution. I am so happy and my business is thriving in this new location. A dream come true!

Tenant: Julie Pipolo, 269 Purchase Street, Rye, NY

Paul Varsames was an attentive, responsive, and responsible landlord. The townhouse where we lived was incredibly well built and had all of the amenities from high end fixtures to a top of the line alarm system. We would not hesitate to recommend him to any potential Tenants.

Tenants: Meredith and Jeff, 414 Midland Avenue, Rye, NY

Our children and I arrived at 82 Oakland Beach Avenue yesterday and we wanted to say how thrilled we are with the house - it is absolutely beautiful and we feel extremely lucky to be living there. Thank you so much for everything you have all done to make it so fantastic and we shall do our very best to look after it, and shall greatly enjoy living there!

Tenant: Thomas and Antonia, 82 Oakland Beach Avenue, Rye, NY

We really enjoyed our 2 years in Rye and will miss all the conveniences of living at 412 Midland Avenue. It was so nice to be able to walk to town, the train, the park, and Midland School. Your home was perfect for us and our 2 young children. The finished basement and fenced in yard were perfect places for them to play and run around. Thank you for always responding so quickly to any of our questions and helping us to get to know this area. We will greatly miss Rye and all it has to offer, and we will miss our home here as well. Thank you again for everything.

Tenants: Elina and Andreas, 412 Midland Avenue, Rye, NY

It is an absolute pleasure to provide a testimonial for Paul Vasames' work--both for his gift for creating beautifully designed spaces and quality construction and for his role as our landlord. We have rented in New York City and Washington, D.C. for the better part of the last 15 years, but we have never encountered the level of professionalism and attention to detail provided by Paul and his management team. To say they were helpful and responsive is an understatement. We rarely had any issues with our rental, but when a few very minor maintenance issues arose, our concerns were immediately addressed with a prompt call back and virtually instantaneous solution. Our Midland Avenue rental was one of the finest places we have lived--from the open layout of the main floor to the finished playroom on the lower level, the design was perfect for our family, most of all for our three young children. Living in 412 Midland was the ideal introduction to Rye! Thank you Paul, Todd and Rita, for making us feel at home and for making our adjustment from the city to the suburbs such an easy one. We look forward to seeing you all around town.

Tenant: Kristen and Geoff, 412 Midland Avenue, Rye, NY