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Monique Varsames "I want them to be in awe - but feel like they're home."
-Monique Varsames

Interior designer Monique Varsames works closely with Paul - her husband - throughout the homebuilding process. Balancing both cutting edge current and traditional sensibilities, she strives to craft bespoke spaces where form follows function, sourcing the finest materials and viewing each project through a holistic lens. Her exquisite eye, product knowledge, and keen understanding of a homeowner's wants and needs give each home a unique sense of style that is sophisticated, elegant and truly timeless.

With design options almost limitless, Monique spends much of her time sourcing new products, materials and applications. She visits with vendors to understand their products and has her finger on the pulse of new and innovative design trends, calling upon her discerning eye to adapt the latest and greatest in creative ways that won't go out of style. Monique has a keen understanding of how design can positively affect the way families live in a home. For example, the mudroom - a dedicated space to store gear, equipment and everything in between - is an increasingly important space. Bathrooms and kitchens - rooms that command a high degree of utility - are also a primary area of her focus.

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Today's trends can be dated tomorrow. The challenge of Monique

Drawing inspiration from her own lifestyle, Monique realizes the need for functional space and allows form to naturally follow. Her signature approach is to take wisdoms of design that have always been striking and apply a fresh new edge, building upon what has always worked while creating truly unique results. Using only the finest brands and products, she might call upon elements of time-tested classics, like subway tile or penny rounds, mixed in untraditional combinations that haven't been done before. No two homes are truly alike.

A Michigan native and mother of three, Monique is also an accomplished musician who has recorded several albums and performed at world-class venues on the East Coast. Her versatility as an artist transcends everything she does, from the stage to creating warm and inviting spaces for families to enjoy.

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