Buyer Testimonials

We were initially attracted to 60 elmwood by its form, function, and understated elegance. our apprehensions about home ownership were quickly allayed as it became apparent after closing that paul stood by his work. now after eight years, the house has stood the test off time, with no major issues after years of abuse from a young family and extreme weather. Thank you Paul.

Homeowner: Ron - 60 elmwood Rye, NY

Thank you very much for making the sale of my Rye house to you so easy and such a stressless experience.
The last time we saw each other, I handed you the keys and we shook hands. It brought to mind that this whole "deal" was initially made over the phone with a "verbal handshake" - your saying, "We trust one anothers' words. Right?"
And, every time I brought up something that I thought to be a minor problem, that I experienced with the house, or asked a favor, you're response was consistently, "Don't worry about it. It's fine." Someone else would have reacted differently...and nickled/dimed me.
Last, even though you knew I called you, under stress because my first arrangement went sour, you immediately reacted positively with an instant "let's do it." You had some leverage and could have renegotiated.
Not your style. All of our contacts have been positive - leaving me most impressed with your style of conducting business: as a gentleman.
I particularly appreciated your allowing me to use the house for several months after closing. Very good of you.
Old school. Trust my word. Handshakes. Honorable. Thank you.

Homeowner: Ira - 8 White Birch Drive Rye, NY

Before we decided to buy, we could certainly see how well liked Paul was among his previous buyers, as they all were more than happy to open their homes and show us around and recommend Paul. We were lucky enough to be able to start from scratch on our new home with Paul and his team. We loved Monique's style and working with her. We made very few changes, in fact, to what she initially proposed for us. Todd, our project manager on the house, was great to work with from construction and now into living in the house. He is always available to help us with any questions and issues that arose (and as a first time homeowner, I have a lot of questions). Paul was also very accommodating in helping us meet our specific time frame for moving from the city to Rye. In addition to the great experience in working with everyone, the craftsmanship and attention to every detail in the home is top notch and we couldn't be happier.

Homeowners: John and Christie - 9 Orchard Lane Rye, NY

From very early on we had a feeling that working with Paul would turn out to be a fantastic experience. Since we were designing the house from scratch Paul invited us to visit with a number of his other clients and tour their homes before we started. We were thoroughly impressed with their testimonials and it soon became clear to us that Paul truly was focused on building long term relationships with his clients. Paul, Todd, Monique and the rest of the team were an absolute pleasure to work with. We heard from many people that building a home can be stressful and frustratingly time consuming but thankfully Paul and his team did everything possible to make the entire process seamless for us. They were extremely helpful, responsive and patient with all of our questions. Paul and his team ensured we received exactly what we were looking for. We could not be happier with our new home and absolutely recommend Paul and his team to anyone considering working with him.

Homeowners: Nimesh and Sonali, 2 Forest Avenue, Rye, NY

Before we purchased our home we spent a lot of time looking at houses in Rye that had recently sold or were for sale or were being built. Every time we saw a property we liked it was one of Paul’s homes. Based on his work and his reputation, we signed our sales contract before the old home on the property had even been demolished. Not once did we question this decision. From the beginning it was clear that Paul and his team were true professionals – both honest and trustworthy. So many people warn you about the stress of building a home, the time commitment, the hidden costs and the like. Paul’s process does not allow for any of this. We knew everything that would go into our home when we signed our sales contract. What was promised was delivered (and more) and on time.

I will say I am not the easiest client (my husband will laugh and agree). I have a design degree and a law degree so I really pay attention to detail. I can honestly say - I met my match in this regard. I was amazed by the thought that went into every detail and decision about our home by Paul’s team. They care about the little things; they care about the big things; they care about it all. And, they listen. We had some ideas about what we wanted to do to the plans and changes we wanted to make to the specs. Paul and Monique let us be active participants in the process when we wanted to be and they provided sage advice backed by years of experience when we needed guidance. We had opinions about colors and tiles and appliances and more and Monique worked with us to help select everything and make the home beautiful and cohesive. She is so creative and has great ideas that are fun and novel. (Plus, her design aesthetic is impeccable.) Paul’s houses are all unique and personal. And, in the end, that is what it is all about. A home is personal.

From start to finish it was a pleasure to work with Paul and his team. Everyone, and we mean everyone, is smart, helpful, highly skilled and knowledgeable. They made the process of building a home enjoyable (and educational), and we cannot think of anyone else we know who has built a home that would say that about their experience. Dave, our site manager, picked up the phone every time we called. Every time. And, any questions we had were always answered immediately. Still, if we ever have a question about our house Paul's team is there to help.

Put simply, we love our home and cannot thank them enough. We look forward to living in it for years to come.

Homeowners: Deborah and Robert McNamara, 20 Indian Hill Road, Rye, NY (and Liv and Pierce - who will be forever grateful that Dave hung swings for them from the ceiling in our basement, and added extra beam support!)

After looking for almost 5 months for a home, we came across one of Paul's first builds in Rye. It was going on the market as the family was moving abroad. We fell in love with the layout and finishes, but it was not a right fit for us. However, we realized we loved the style of the home and looked to see what new projects Paul had in the works. We saw the relaxed, open floor plan of 9 Allendale and fell in love. We met with Paul and walked the property, with the existing home still standing, to get a feel where the new house would sit. He was extremely thorough. After, Paul took us to one of his completed homes nearby to show us the finishes and talk us through the process. He even met with us at the original home we had seen and took notes of our preferences for finishes. We met with Paul and Monique a few weeks later and everything was perfect. We didn't change much from the original design. As soon as construction started we found out we were expecting another child. Everyone we spoke to said it must be so stressful to be expecting a baby and building a home at the same time, but it wasn't. Paul, Monique and Dave were fantastic. They were available for all of our questions and made the process seem effortless. The excellent quality of work is obvious. We are continuously asked if, in hindsight, would we build a new home again and our answer is always the same, only with Paul and his team.

Homeowners: Andrea and Steve, 9 Allendale Drive, Rye, NY

Paul, please include this on the website, I want everyone to know how wonderful our experience with you and Todd has been! My husband and I started looking at homes in Rye but weren't yet convinced we wanted to leave the city. When we saw what ultimately became our house, we knew that not making an offer would be a huge mistake. Paul personally took me on a walk-through of the house. He explained in great detail every decision that had been made about the building and the design and all the inner workings. I was so impressed with the incredible level of detail. Paul and his team had thought of everything, it was as if we had designed the house together with my input. After seeing Paul's work, no other home was good enough so we were very pleased when the sale went through. On top of everything else, Paul and his team are incredibly customer service oriented, being there after we moved in to help with all of our questions. It was such a relief to be able to call someone and have guidance when we needed it. Working with Paul has been a wonderful experience and we could not be happier.

Homeowners: Elizabeth and Andrew, 19 Drake Avenue, Rye, NY

We couldn't be happier with our new home! We were first time homebuyers, getting new construction, not knowing what to expect. Paul and his team took away all our fears by making this an extremely easy and enjoyable process. Nothing was left uncovered and they listened to our needs and responded quickly and accordingly. Needless to say, we highly recommend Paul Varsames as a homebuilder. Thank you Paul and your team for all the hard work and dedication into building our new home!

Homeowners: Jeff and Milan, 15 Orchard Lane, Rye, NY

We decided to move to Rye and planned to buy an existing home but our realtor suggested we meet with Paul, see some of his recently completed houses and take a look at his new projects. We loved the recently completed house so much and were so comfortable with Paul that we came to a handshake agreement on his next project within an hour. Our expectations for a beautiful home and an entirely professional and hassle free process were exceeded. Paul and his entire team deliver the highest quality product with the highest level of service (and on time too!). Monique did an unbelievable job with the finishes and we changed very little from her original plan. Todd, our terrific project manager, was a constant source of information and along with Paul, addressed all of our concerns or additions immediately. We had a wonderful, enjoyable time watching our home being built and working with Paul and his team. Our thanks go out to all of them, and we would highly recommend Paul and his team to anyone wanting to buy a new construction home in Rye.

Homeowners: Morgan and Sasha, 6 Forest Avenue, Rye, NY

We wanted to thank you and your team for building our beautiful home, and to let you know that we couldn't have been happier with the entire process. With only pictures and concepts that we emailed over to you, your team quickly designed a structure and laid out all of the materials that matched the style we were looking for, from shingles to kitchen countertops all the way down to the knobs on the cabinets. The few comments we had were quickly turned around and factored in to the plan. We've gone through the building process before, and this experience was so far superior, it's not fair to compare. We barely needed to stop by the worksite, because we knew the house we were going to get. Better still, we moved in on the target date and the house was DONE. We've moved OUT of houses that still had open punch list items. Thank you and please thank your team for us, we love the house.

Homeowners: Brian and Kim, 25 Orchard Lane, Rye, NY

It has been a pleasure to work with Paul and his team. We purchased our home early in the building process, at the time the site was being excavated. The whole building process was very stress-free. Paul and his team are extremely well-organized and thorough, so there were no rushed decisions or last-minute problems. The materials, colors and finishes that Paul and Monique chose were very tasteful, so we made few changes. It was really much easier than we expected. Since we moved in, Paul and his team have been very responsive and have helped us promptly with minor adjustments. The quality of our home is exceptional, and we are very happy with it. We would highly recommend Paul Varsames as a homebuilder.

Homeowner: Geoff and Elena, 1 Manursing Way, Rye, NY

My mother, who has been a resident of Rye for over 30 years, came to a point in her life where she had to sell her home. Paul Varsames agreed to purchase her home. He would answer any questions we had in a timely manner. We did not have to fix anything with the house. What might have taken months to sell, sold quickly. He gave my mother more then enough time to empty the house. There was never a feeling of being rushed and there was no pressure. Thank you Paul for making something that could be complicated seem simple. Paul has now built a new house there and I (the daughter) was able to do a walk through. The details that were done to this house and everything that was chosen for this home is beautiful. His entire team did a great job.

Previous Owner: 1 Manursing Way, Rye, NY

We truly enjoyed working with Paul and his team. The team was organized, timely and very responsive. In addition, Paul and his team were willing to listen, be flexible and creative with solutions and were committed to ensuring that all our concerns were addressed. The team has also been great with follow-up after our house was built. Paul builds a very high quality home from start to finish. We are thrilled with our house and would strongly recommend Paul.

Homeowners: Jim and Caroline, 110 Drake Smith Lane, Rye, NY

We just wanted to express our sincere thanks for all you did to build our dream home. You made the whole process, from beginning to end, smooth and easy for us. We are so happy - the house is beautiful! Monique, I really appreciate the time you took to pick out the ceramic tiles for the kitchen backsplash. And Paul, your focus on quality down to the small details is amazing, as one notable example, the molding in the garage and equipment room! You both made the house so special by taking such effort to go the extra mile. Thank you for the wine and your sweet card too! Please know that you have given our family a very special gift - this beautiful home!

Homeowners: Peter and Carolyn, 15 Bradford Avenue, Rye, NY

Having never built a house before, we weren't sure what to expect, but working with Paul was a pleasure. We couldn't be happier about the end product; Paul took the time to make sure that every detail was completed with the utmost care and quality. Paul takes incredible pride in his work and was actively involved throughout the process and still frequently follows up with us to make sure we are happy with everything. We would highly recommend working with Paul on building your new home - you won't be disappointed by the quality, timeliness or care of his work.

Homeowners: Dana and Peter, 7 Bradford Avenue, Rye, NY

It has been a wonderful experience working with Paul and his team in building our beautiful home in Rye. It was very exciting to watch the progression of the home and extremely helpful having them there to guide us through the whole construction process which went very smoothly. Not only were Paul and his team incredibly efficient and organized, but we were very impressed with their attention to detail and making sure that everything was of the highest quality. We highly recommend working with Paul and having him build your dream home.

Homeowners: Marybeth and Ben, 17 Stuyvesant Avenue, Rye, NY

Paul and his team not only built a beautiful and well constructed home, with amazing attention to special design details, but they have been very responsive before, during and after our home purchase. When questions or concerns arise, they are always quickly and appropriately answered. We have had a great experience working with Paul and highly recommend his firm to other buyers.

Homeowners: Michael and Jen, 300 Grace Church Street, Rye, NY

We purchased one of Paul's beautiful homes two years ago. We saw Paul's house online and instantly fell in love with it. After seeing the house in person and seeing Paul's attention to detail, we immediately knew this was the house for us. Paul has remained very accessible and easy to work with and he is always willing to answer questions regarding the house, even years later. If you have any questions with regard to Paul or his work, please do not hesitate to call us. We highly recommend Paul Varsames as a homebuilder.

Homeowners: Amy and Peter, 39 Evergreen Avenue, Rye, NY

While Mr.Varsames stands at the top of the list in terms of quality construction, it has been his sincere concern with our experience once we moved in to our home that has made working with him such a wonderful experience. He has gone above and beyond dealing with any questions that we have had and has been extremely thorough and responsive. I would give him my highest recommendation without reservation and I'm glad that we have entrusted him with this significant family asset.

Homeowners: Zach and Tracy, 17 Hillside Road, Rye, NY

Before we decided to have our new home built by Paul Varsames, we visited a few projects which he recently had completed. We were very impressed by the style and quality of his work and his attention to detail - all of which made us feel comfortable enough to go ahead. Less than 3/4 of a year later, we have moved into our new home. Our high expectations have been exceeded. As this was our first house we hadn't realized how many decisions needed to be made during the construction process. With his enormous experience, Paul helped us patiently with his professional advice to make the right decision in each circumstance. He works with an outstanding team of specialists. Paul takes incredible pride in his work, doesn't cut any corners and he puts quality at the top of his priority list - quality of work that we detected at every stage of the construction process. And, of course, rather than the usual delays one often sees with these kind of projects, he actually finished the house a week ahead of the scheduled completion date.

Homeowners: Gerhard and Myriam, 36 Cowles Avenue, Rye, NY

We bought our home when it was already complete. We had looked at many newly constructed homes before making our choice, but this one stood out to us immediately because compared to others in the same area, it had higher quality finishes and materials throughout. The first time we met Paul, during our walk-through, it was obvious that he took great pride in the craftsmanship of the home, and showed sincere interest in our satisfaction. He carefully noted our suggested changes and requests, and followed up on each one in a timely manner. When we met Paul at the closing, he came prepared with a binder containing the names and phone numbers of each contractor who had worked on the home, as well as his own cell number in case we had any issues. He provided manuals for every appliance in the home, a list of paint colors for each room, cans of touch-up paint and a list of suggested annual maintenance items to keep the home running smoothly. We were impressed by his organization and attention to detail, and this attention extended well beyond the closing date. To this day, he continues to ensure that his contractors are promptly fixing items in need of change or repair, and he diligently follows up until each problem is fixed. If you are looking for an organized, honest and reliable builder, we can recommend Paul without hesitation.

Homeowners: Amy and Donagh, 2 Hook Road, Rye, NY